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Thanks for funding from Peninsula Dance Partnership.

I have always been interested in how to develop and maintain strength for dance, in particularly floor work. I have been teaching floor work to dance students for the past 6 years and have noticed that at times, different people have struggled with different strength and flexibility boundaries which has restricted them and prevented them adopting the correct technique. I am currently developing a series of exercises that allows dancers to maintain fitness & strength for class work, between projects, as well as preventing injuries.

I am currently exploring and collecting all the information I have personally collected over the years from physiotherapy sessions, different movement classes, anatomy, and of course researching as much as I can through a variety of different practitioners as well as plenty of self exploration.

This series of classes are aimed at dance students, and professional dancers (but also could welcome any people within the movement industry who may be interested too). My aim would be to ‘arm’ the participant with some anatomy knowledge (through the teaching) and to enable them to understand why each exercise is relevant and make it meaningful by exploring it in more depth.

I am looking to combine knowledge I have gained from Pilates (which I already hold a qualification) and functional movement pattern exercises I have learnt throughout my career in relation to dance - specifically developing strength and flexibility for floor work.

I am currently in the midst of collecting and forming these ideas, I will post on here when they are ready.

Watch this space!


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