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My love and passion for aerial has developed over the past 5 years. I love the physical and mental challenge that harness work brings, and bringing another layer to my dance background was very rewarding and satisfying! 

For the past few years I have worked for a variety of different companies, however the main companies which I have worked for extensively are Wired Aerial Theatre (bungee dance & vertical wall)and Yskynna Vertical Dance (vertical wall, hangar, counterweight fixed line). I also attend Vertical Dance Forums whenever I can with the Vertical Dance Collective (full of wonderfully inspiring people!) 

The next journey for me is to explore vertical dance choreographically. There are a few projects already burning away ready to explode in 2019 with Off The Wall Aerial Dance Circus, so watch this space!

Wired Aerial Theatre: www.wiredaerialtheatre.com

Off The Wall Aerial Dance Circus: www.offthewallaerial.co.uk

Yskynna Vertical Dance: www.yskynna.co.uk

Vertical Dance Forum: http://verticaldanceforum.com